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Our digital infrared thermal imaging cameras are designed and calibrated to read mammalian temperatures with the utmost accuracy.  Having only a 2% variance ratio from actual recorded temperatures you can be sure that the screenings are reliable and accurate. These cameras coupled with powerful software to quickly screen multiple people at a time should be everyone's front line defense against Covid-19 or other similar infectious diseases.  This system allows large and fast moving groups of people to be screened in a very short amount of time with high accuracy; meaning there is no need to screen individuals just simply funnel the crowd through the cameras line of sight upon entry.

how does it work?

Our State of the art Thermal Imaging cameras and our windows based software allow for multiple people to be scanned at a time. People would be bottle-necked through a narrow corridor and asked to remove any hats or facial coverings. The camera would be positioned above head height facing the crowd down the corridor. the operator will be alerted if any individuals temperature exceeds normal. if any individuals temperature does exceed normal then the screening station attendants will ask said person to go through a secondary screening before being allowed entry. 

Secondary screening is typically an internal temperature check using a handheld thermometer. secondary screening will only be conducted if flagged by the initial screening or if the individual refuses to remove head or face coverings for any reason.  

Fever screening Airport Thermal Camera Covid-19

this photo was taken from a fever screening checkpoint using one of our systems in an airport in Vietnam 

FDA Approved fever screening medical thermal imaging

With only a handful of FDA approved systems on the market we are proud to offer the only FDA approved system that is capable of screening multiple people simultaneously. 

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